Twiststake 1500mm Height. 1250mm height in soil

A very handy height for tomatoes, sunflowers, broad beans.

Sold as a plain twistake.   You can buy tomato clips separately, or purchase the Tomato stake -TOMTWIST jumbo, which includes the tomato clips. 

TWISTAKES have got to be the world's easiest and most versatile garden stake , Strong galvanised Steel, Long lasting,  elegant looking stakes, with many uses in the garden.  Put 3 of these stakes together to make a teepee to support climbers and beans.  Makes a  great portable fence using 2 or more twiststakes.     Just push into the ground and tie cloth, mesh or thread rope through eyelets.   Makes a good flag holder at sports events...   The twistake twin prongs push easily into the soil (no tools required) The twin prongs prevent twisting and wobbling about in the soil protecting your plant from strong wind damage.  They naturally flex without twisting or moving in the soil.   Perfect for high wind areas.  7 Multiple eyelets  on this twistake allow you to clip, tie, thread garden twine etc...  from the plant to the stake with ease.  Stake anything anytime - year after year - very sustainable!     Hang on a nail in the shed in winter, and keep re-using each growing season.

Made in NZ   from pre galvanised rust resistant 6mm  DIA steel                10 year guarantee.

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Twistake 1500mm Height - Jumbo

  • $26.00

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