Fits a 1.2m height standard rose.    Need a windproof stake for your precious standard plant? and easy to install,  with no tools?

This is very windproof, and holds the stem snugly.   The stake naturally flexes in strong winds,  so you never see a broken stem using our unique designed stakes.

Use  on a standard Rose and all ornamental Standard plants, and of course no tools needed to install the stake.        Looks so stylish and elegant, especially in a medium-large pot.  If you like attention to detail,  and style, this is the right stake to use for any standard plant.
Easy clip system to open and close the stake, to secure the stem.
This stake will fit 70cm - 80cm tall stem/trunks (measuring from the soil level to the start of the plant head)  Or a 1.2 Rose that you order from garden centres.  Fits up to 40mm diameter stems.  You can use the foam cushion for skinny stems and no foam cushion for thicker stems.      Silver finish - rust free galvanised steel.     Also Available in powder coated black.           Made in New Zealand


Sturdy galvanised steel that requires no tools and can be reused over and over again.

  1. Plant Standard in garden or large, deep pot.
  2. Position stake close to stem/trunk and  push into soil/potting mix using foot peg.
  3. Slide clip down and Release clip on one steel leg. Fit foam (supplied) around stem/trunk, or not, and fasten clip back onto both legs, and slide up to top of stake to hold  firmly.
  4. Mulch around base if  you would like to hide the steel foot peg.

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Standard Rose Stake -Silver

  • $32.00

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