Our biggest Cloche /Tunnel Kit.  No tools needed to install this growing tunnel. 

Builds a 3.5 - 4 metre long tunnel. Pictured is the giant hoops with the 5m wide bird net.

Supplied with 4 giant galvanised steel hoops;  Micronet cloth - heavy duty thick cloth (4m wide and 8m long) Micronet is a great cloth for frost protection, keeps crops warmer, keeps heavy rain & hail out; plus bird and animal proof.  It is permable to water and air, so need to take the cloth off the hoops - just water as normal, or lets the rain in.

Makes a strong and taut cloche with our Unique  Cloche Net Clips that hold the cloth onto the cloche hoops, and secured with our strong anchor pins at each end of cloche.

This is a great cloche that you can walk into without taking off the netting.   Easy to change the netting according to the season.  For the price - a great set-up for growing your own produce. 

Hoops 1.70 tall and hoops can spread from 1.5-2.4m wide, (you can stretch them to 2.4m wide, or squeeze them to stay at 1.5m width). They provide excellent cover & protection for taller crops, or enable you to have 2 large beds with a central walkway, just lots of room really.

We enjoy being able to leave this kit up all year round, (maybe change the netting to bird netting in summer,) and the ease of just pulling out one anchor end pin and walking into tunnel to work on plants. We use 4 metre width micronet cloth 3/4 of the year, and 5m wide  canopy bird netting in summer on these giant  cloche hoops.

Space each hoop 1.2 metres apart.  The 8m length cloth will make a 3.5-4 metre length tunnel. The netting clips and anchor pins, make this cloche kit stable and windproof.

This Kit  Includes: 

4x Galvanised steel hoops;  Micronet cloth - 4 metre width x 8 metre length;  20 x Ascot Net Clips; 2 x Ascot Anchor end Pins; 12 x Side pins.   This Micronet cloth will give Frost protection (2 degree frost), Protect  crops from strong wind, heavy rain/hail.  This cloth is permeable to air and water, so no need to take the cloth off to water.  Keeps white butterfly out if pinned down securely.  You can just release the end anchor pin, pull the cloth up and over the first hoop and walk into this tunnel.

All these components are sold separately, so you can choose the number of hoops, and length of cloth you need to build your own custom cloche.

Creates a micro-climate area for extending growing season.  Good for keeping birds and animals off the garden, and ensures you get to enjoy the produce.

We can supply this kit with commercial grade bird netting, if you prefer bird netting over micronet cloth - just put in the comments box when ordering that you require bird netting, or phone us.

We have used this cloche in high winds (very windproof, like all our cloche sizes)

Made in NZ of Pre-galvanised Tensile steel that comes with a 10 year non rust away guarantee.

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Cloche Kit GIANT - Multi Season Growing

  • $220.00

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