This  garden Cloche is good to grow fresh salad vegetables, strawberries, newly planted seedlings.  It comes with Italian mikroclima cloth to protect your plants from frost, hail,  strong winds, white butterfly, and other animal pests (in particular cats and dogs, and rabbits).  

The garden cloche creates an ideal growing climate for faster growth, sheltered growing, and healthier plants.   A mikroclima cloche extends your growing season and keeps plants protected from the elements.  

Mikroclima cloth is Permeable to water and air flow.  No need to take off the cloth for watering,  unless you want to.   Mikroclima crop cover protects from -2˚c  frost, wind and hail,  provides 16% shade, summer moisture loss from soil -  ideal for NZ conditions.

This Standard cloche kit includes;

  • 3 galvanised steel hoops (standard size 350-450 wide x700mm high) and cloth (2m width x 4m length)
  • locking Anchor end pins to hold the cloth taut at the ends  +  9 x netting clips to hold the cloth onto the hoops (making it windproof), setting up a quality long lasting cloche tunnel. 
  • Move it around the garden as you choose. 
  • All our cloche kit sizes (according to our customers) are strong, windproof, and give you freedom to change the length, shape, and easily work on the plants without taking the whole cloche to bits,  simply release the anchor end pins,  slide the net clips (attached to the cloth) and work on the sides to weed.   Leave in your garden all year round, or store in the shed when not in use.
  • Steel and plastic components made in New Zealand


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Cloche Kit - Standard with Mikroclima Cloth

  • $65.00

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