Combi Cloche Kit-  Width 1.2-1.5 Metre  x 1.1 Metre Height (once set up in the garden) x 3 -3.5 metre Length.  Long lasting cloche - use year after year.

Easy to set up garden growing tunnel. (No tools needed to set this up in the garden)  A great size and shape for growing potatoes, and bigger vegetables.  Supplied with all season Mikroclima cloth from Italy.

Move around the garden easily.  Work on your plants easily, by releasing anchor end pins, and sliding the net clips up hoop leg, with the cloth attached.  No need to disassemble netting when weeding or harvesting.

Mikroclima cloth extends the growing season,  gives  plants frost protection, wind protection, keeping plants stress free, and pest free.

Combi Cloche Kit includes:

4 x galvanised steel hoops -  flexible from 1.2-1.5 metre  width  & 1.250metre height (1.1 metre height set up in the garden)  made from 6mm diameter galvanised steel rod.

20 x Ascot Net clips (makes cloche windproof when attached to the cloth on the hoops)

2 x  Anchor end pins (holds down each end of netting and locks netting to keep taut and windproof)

3 metre wide Mikroclima cloth  x 6.5 metre length.  (frost protection, wind, hail, animal, bird, white butterfly protection)

Instruction sheet.

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Cloche Kit Combi 1.3m (W) x 1.2m (H) with Mikroclima all season cloth

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