The Ascot Hose Rack is the ideal way to move your garden hose around your garden with ease.  Foot peg to push into the ground/garden soil, or hang up on a wall, shed, or outside of house.

This hose rack is so practical.  I can easily carry the rack, with the hose neatly coiled, around the garden/property to where I am watering and simply push the rack into the lawn.  Or I can make sure the hose is out of the hot summer sun, by storing it on the rack under a shady tree.

Only un-reel the amount of hose you actually need.

The Ascot Hose Rack stops your garden hose becoming 'crimped & kinked' so it lasts longer. So apart from making life easier the Hose Rack may save you money!

Galvanized tensile steel powder coated satin Black with a 10 year guarantee.

Holds up to a 30 metre standard garden hose.   Makes a great extension base for extra long hose on a lifestyle block, just push rack with hose into the soil anywhere on your property.  Easily carried around.

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Hose Rack

  • $49.00

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