Twiststake Xtra Large.1950mm length, Windproof, strong, long lasting sustainable stake.

Black Satin powder coated over galvanised steel.

TWISTAKES have got to be the world's easiest and most versatile garden stake , for example use as a climbing bean pole (bean just grows up twistake and clings on-no tying).  Buy 3 twistakes and make an elegant looking tee pee/tripod structure for climbing ornamentals.    Purchase the twisty rings to make a cage or tower.   The unique Twin prongs push easily into the soil  (no tools required) and these prongs prevent twisting and wobbling about in the soil, so you will not lose a plant or expensive climber.  Very strong, so can carry a heavy climber.  I like to use this length twistake for passionfruit and clematis climbers.   Multiple eyelets along this twistake allow you to clip, tie, thread plant to twistake without the plant slipping down.   Recommended to stake super tom tomatoes . Stake anything anytime!  Use 3 twistakes to make a teepee, or tower, and purchase 2-3 twistake rings in 300 or 450mm diameter.

Powdered coated over galvanised steel.   Made in NZ 10 year guarantee.

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Twistake 1950 XL - Black Satin

  • $26.00

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