1.250m Height x 1.2m-1.5m width.  Make your own cloches / tunnels to your required length.   This price is per hoop.

Strong rust free galvanised steel cloche hoop - 1.2-1.5 stretch width x 1.250m height  x 6mm diameter wire.  (You will loose 10-20 cm each hoop side when pushed into soil) Spacing between each hoop should be approx 1-1.5 metres.

This hoop was developed from the giant cloche hoop, bringing the height down to 1.250metre tall.  When you set up this cloche hoop  in the garden, it comes down to 1.1 metre height.  We like this new size (2017) as it combines a lot of the cloche hoop sizes we do, into this one handy size.  Hence the name Combi.

Fits minimum 3 metre width netting (tested on 3m wide mikroclima netting) and 4-5 metre width bird netting (depends how much cloth you would like covering the ground area).  You will need 6 metre length  of netting/cloth to make a 3 metre tunnel/cloche.

Easy to use, no fuss, no tools, just push into the soil, throw your netting over, use our ascot netting clip and anchor pin and you have a very windproof cloche/tunnel.

Made in New Zealand with pre-galvanised steel.   Guaranteed for 10 years no rust.

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Cloche Hoops COMBI 1.250 H x 1.5 W

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